You have landed on one of my artwork galleries. I hope you find something interesting to look at. I have divided this collection of 2D & 3D art into sections which go together by theme or media. Some is art which I made yesterday and some things here are over 40 years old. The quality of the images is very variable as it includes records of some artworks which were sold long ago. Still, it gives an idea of the versatility of my art. The unrelenting urge I have to record my thoughts and the physical world about me in whatever way seems suitable at the time. The one thing that stays constant in my work is my love of materiel and technique. The fun is in doing the art - whatever sort of art it is. Never be afraid to get your hands dirty and try new things. If you worry too much about the concept, you’ll never get on to the fun bits!

    You are welcome to use these images for projects, ideas and for sending around to your friends, but I have watermarked them so that people know where they came from. I am happy to negotiate for the sale of my work - email me if you are interested. Some of these works I still own and would sell, or I can make higher resolution copies of any artwork on this site into A4, A3 or A2 posters. I can also turn them into greeting cards or tee-shirts.

ps. read my book, ‘Mobile Magic’, it’s my MAJOR work of art.

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Masks Unique Foam, Fur, Feathers, Wire