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This is the page for links, snippets and contacts to other sites. An eclectic mix of things which will tell you a bit about myself, my likes and obsessions and what motivates my art. We all spend far too much time on the internet, but it’s an amazing tool for sharing ideas. I’ll put more on here as time allows,


The first thing on this page

  1. -a map of my area.

Here is a YouTube clip of the band Van der Graaf Generator, the music which moves me most. It was integral part of my teenage years. I used to come home from school and turn it  up very, very loud. Van der Graaf Generator supported Jimmy Hendrix and they are still a major touring and recording band today.

The driving force of the group, the singer/poet/musician, Peter Hammill creates the supreme fusion of words and sounds. His voice is superbly versatile and his lyrics and music, whether dark or joyous, match each other in a way I have not found in any other songs. To me it is really exciting, but I understand that a lot of reasonable people can’t bear the complexity, depth of feeling and discordance in Van der Graaf Generator music. It’s not pretty!

If you were looking for the complete opposite to elevator music this has got to be it - at times it is heavier than the heaviest metal, rougher than punk or more soaring and soulful than a choir or an opera. The fact that I attempt karaoke with Peter Hammill’s words and music has got to be a sign of my mental instability, but I love it.




Here’s a Google add, I’ll be interested to see what they come up with that is supposed to suit a site full of strange art. A site built around one of the most interesting books for kids and teens to come out this century. It’s about the environment, rain-forest gullies and spotlighting, swimming with your horses on hot days, an obsession with mobile phones, a technologically talented little brown bird, a heavy metal band called ‘Chucky Chunder and the Cheeseburgers’, a mischievous kitten, student protests, a biker gang, a Pony Club rally day, gourmet feasts, a feral but functional family, crooked developers and corrupt politicians, eco-warrior scientists and life in an Australian country town. It’s a Science Fiction tale set in everyday life and it has 88 detailed, full colour illustrations worked in with the text, so I hope the Google machines come up with something equally interesting.



I don’t often hear a song on the radio and rush off to buy the album, but hearing this song on Triple j the first time really stirred my blood. The record shop had to order it in because it was really just a home recording. Look how big the Midnight Juggernauts have become now! This is ‘Raised by Wolves’ and it is the song in ‘Mobile Magic’ that caused Saffron to dance across the room at the Biker’s party.

I seem to keep coming back to Anthropomorphism constantly - just look at the shape-changing in the ‘Raised by Wolves’ video. For a more serious take on Anthropomorphism, which I hope science will stop using as an insult ( Descartes attitudes to the Earth are sooo dated) search the net for my favourite scientists, Gisela Kaplan and Lesley Rogers. Professor Gisela Kaplan is Professor in Animal Behaviour in the Centre for Neuroscience and Animal Behaviour at the University of New England and specialises in animal behaviour, talking birds, birds, magpies, higher cognition (intelligence) communication, native birds, animal welfare, tawny frogmouth, primatology - orang utans, marmosets. Here are a few links to some of their work - Gene Worship: Moving Beyond the Nature/ Nurture Debate Over Genes, Brain and Gender - Comparative vertebrate cognition: are primates superior to non-primates? - No sense in killing whales for science


Here is ‘Byrds of Prey’ by Bertie Blackman, off the album ‘Secrets and Lies’ which my daughter bought for me last Xmas. Not the best video ever, but I love the track, it has a lot of depth and pretty good lyrics.

Bertie Blackman seems to share my bird obsession as well.