Sample Chapter / Mobile Magic

chapter 6.


Page 64


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Saffron felt much more in touch after her long chat with Rowan. She caught up with all the news from her old school. In truth, it all sounded a bit tame compared with the life she was leading now.

It had been strange to go through the routine of connection without doing the dialling herself. It had also been shocking to suddenly realise she was talking to a fluffy bird, instead of into a mouthpiece, when she was deeply involved in conversation with her friend.

Mobo had eventually started to fidget, keen to get back to the nest, so she had said goodbye and given him a signal to cut the connection. Impatience was one function most people wouldn’t like in their telephones, but she wasn’t going to whinge.

When she joined the others she found Athol crawling along on his hands and knees. He swore that he had found the tracks of a long-nosed potoroo.

The image on this page is of A CRAZY SCIENTIST - A GREEN ENVIRONMENTALIST - SEARCHING FOR A MARSUPIAL LONG-NOSED POTOROO IN THE TEATREE SCRUB - THEY ARE NATIVE TO AUSTRALIA AND AN ENDANGERED SPECIES - This bloke looks just like the cat in the hat - it must be the eyebrows and the fact that he always wears black clothes!