SPOTLIGHTING  -  page 72


Mobile Magic - book about mobile phones & nature ‘It’s just gorgeous,’ whispered Saffron.

They had just enough time to admire the glider's big, dark eyes, fluffy ears and tail, short blunt head and twitching pink nose. It scrambled swiftly up the tree and launched itself into the air.

‘It looks just like a tiny hang-glider!’ commented Charles.

  Athol was keen to track down a long-nosed potoroo. He had seen more tracks and traces of fresh digging. A movement caught his eye - he swung the spotlight around towards it, but all they saw was a dark blur heading into the undergrowth at the top of the rise.

As they moved through the tall trees they heard a snuffling and scratching up ahead. There, straight in front of them, was what they had been searching for.

Saffron had been walking boldly on ahead, not taking a lot of notice; she felt a hand grip her shoulder and was forced to a halt.

Look over there!’ hissed Patrick in her ear.

The long-nosed potoroo was too intent on the hunt to notice the humans. It alternately dug with its sharp

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