SPOTLIGHTING  -  page 73


Mobile Magic - book about mobile phones & nature claws and thrust its nose into the freshly turned soil. It tracked down its prey - too mutilated by the sharp claws to be recognisable - and ate it. Only then did it realise it was being watched and dashed away at full speed on its strong hind legs.

It was so dark by now that they had to use torches just to see where they were going. The scientists wore night glasses but had no spares for the others. As they climbed out of the damp gully the smooth soles of Saffron's boots kept slipping on the moss. She fell twice and got slimy, wet patches on her arms and knees. She was relieved to reach the drier slopes of Green Mountain with its twisted, old gum trees and prickly teatree.

The high-pitched squeaks overhead were a sign that mini-bats were out hunting for moths. The boobook owls  were out hunting as well, their call, Mopoke ... Mopoke ... echoed through the woodland.

'What's that wonderful smell?' asked Saffron, as a rich honey-scent wafted towards them.

'Check out whether the lid's come off your tube of sunscreen.' suggested Charles.

Patrick led them towards a huge eucalyptus tree covered in creamy-white flowers. As they scanned the branches with their spotlights, hundreds of tiny lights reflected back at them, the eyes of feasting moths, beetles and other insects.

‘Look - a whole family of sugar gliders has come to feast!’ pointed out Athol, as he lit up the tiny, restless

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