SPOTLIGHTING  -  page 69


Mobile Magic - book about mobile phones & nature gather her wits together. The shadows had grown long. The sun was not that far above the horizon. They walked together across the rock-strewn slope of Green Mountain, dodging trees and forcing their way through the patchy undergrowth.

Patrick had stopped to examine a patch of delicate, mauve fringed-lilies. ‘Thanks for the loan of your mobile,’ Saffron said, as she stooped over the flowers.

‘That’s all right, my dear. It’s been my privilege to come here with you.’

The sides of the mountain were slashed with deep, narrow gullies where the rain was channelled into steep, rushing rivulets with hundreds of tiny waterfalls. As they slid down the bank of the nearest gully the light, which was still quite strong outside, deepened into a gloom where only the shapes of nearby trees were clear.

‘We have left the sclerophyl forest,’ Patrick explained to Saffron and Charles. ‘You’ll notice that the forest here in these deep gullies between the spurs of the mountain is quite luxuriant. I haven’t seen such a wide variety of rainforest species this far west before. Soil moisture is high and the area is protected from dry, westerly winds and bushfire.’

‘Wow! We’ve got our own rainforest!' enthused Charles. ‘It’s weird, I thought it would be much harder to move about in here, but the trees are so tall and skinny. There’s not all that prickly teatree like there is up on the mountainside, just ferns and creepy plants.’

Read this amazing new children’s novel or chapter-book. 240 pages of exciting adventure. Corrupt councillors, bikers, heavy metal musicians, a city girl in a country town trying to rescue her precious black pony called Magic when the developers try to build a new suburb in her agistment paddock. With 88 full colour, detailed illustrations - virtually a Graphic novel and an excellent resource for teachers wanting to run cross-curriculum studies - environmental science, art, local politics and story writing for English language courses.