SPOTLIGHTING  -  page 70

( The left half of one of Mobile Magic’s double-page spreads)

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‘It’s the smell that I like. So rich and damp, like mushrooms ... or the streets after rain,’ added Saffron. She felt a funny combination of peace and euphoria in this place. She had never ventured here before. Even the nimble-footed Magic could not have been expected to clamber up and down these steep, slippery slopes.

The scientists were rummaging in the packs for     their spotlights. They also exhumed the picnic from      the depths of one. Charles eyed it with delight.

‘Did you know that the world’s rainforests are        being cleared at a rate equal to eighteen sports   stadiums each minute of the day?’ asked Athol.

Saffron looked thoughtful. Charles had different priorities. He asked, ‘Is it time to eat yet? What did

Tom pack us for dinner?’ They found a log with

ferns and fungi growing around the bottom and

used it as a table to lay out their picnic on.

There was home-made pâté and a round

brie-cheese. Accompanying these was a

loaf of fresh, crusty bread and a salad

of cherry-tomatoes, artichoke-hearts,

button-mushrooms and tiny, new

potatoes in mint-yoghurt dressing.

This was followed by a container

of little, round, delicate, pastry

balls called profiteroles, filled

with custard and iced with

rich, dark chocolate.