SPOTLIGHTING  -  page 66


      She had been watching Patrick in the distance with his arms wrapped around the trunk of a huge old tree.         

      ‘He could be measuring it,’ she mumbled to nobody in particular, ‘but it looks more like love at first sight to me.’

       Saffron loved Green Mountain, not just for what it could do for her, but for itself.      

       She could feel it stretching her and turning her into a different, more caring sort of person ; but it was something she could only experience at a very tactile level. She wasn't interested in dissecting Green Mountain into its separate pieces, like  a backwards jigsaw- puzzle. She left the scientists to their own devices and wandered further up the mountain.





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Patrick, a loony but very genuine tree loving and hugging scientist, owner of a hybrid car and passionate about the natural bush and plants in the Green Mountain Wilderness, old growth forest

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